Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You Gotta Have Heart

I have The English Band Sampler and its Algerian eyelets set aside "for later" while I have started a new heart.  The chart is called Couer Courage from Les Grilles d'Elise Lotte.  I am using a small scrap of mystery even weave in a soft shade of ivory and have chosen GAST Mulberry for the actual stitching.  I had two partial cards of Mulberry that were close enough in dye lot to work well together.  Between the two cards, I should have enough to complete the project, with a tiny bit left over.  Yet again, I am stitching from stash.  The blank space in this piece is supposed to be filled in with the word Courage but I will be charting my wedding date and stitching that instead.

I also stitched a few more lengths of GAST Freedom on Aury's Quaker Heart 2013.  I find I am liking having a few different projects ready to hand by my stitching chair.  It does make for a somewhat messy lived in look but home is supposed to be the place one can kick back and relax, right?.

And, because we haven't had enough snow this past week, we are expecting another 3 to 5 inches today.  When I find the young student in my program who has been praying for snow days, I am going to sit him or her down and suggest insist he or she shift his or her focus to praying for world peace or the end to hunger and disease and poverty.   Can't be wasting all that sanctity!


Linda said...

Pretty new start Regina.


wilma b said...

That heart if going to be so pretty!

Vickie said...

hahaha! Yes, world peace is good. =)

CalamityJr said...

Such pretty starts. Yes, please, have that student change his prayer!

Julie said...

Lovely new start