Monday, February 10, 2014

Closing Out the Weekend

I wanted to get a bit more done on The English Band Sampler on Sunday.  But I ended up spending the whole day in bed.  I slept away the better part of the day.  Either I am coming down with something or all this snow and single digit temps have triggered a hibernation response.

I anticipate finishing Milady's Tea Shoppe from the Town Square series fairly soon.  On Saturday, pulled the charts for the next three months' selections: the Bakery, the Sweet Shop and the Shoe Shrine.  I am really going to try and get an ornament stitched each month.  I know I am already behind since the Tea Shoppe represents January's ornament, but these next three look to be relatively quick stitches and I hoping to squeeze two into the month of February.  So, I'll need to kit up some of these charts today.  I enjoy kitting up since it gives me the opportunity to rummage about in my extensive stash of cotton over-dyed floss.  All that color is pretty heady stuff! 

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Julie said...

You body must have needed the extra rest Riona, I hope today you feel a little better.