Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Lull ...

...  between yesterday's storm and tomorrow's.  We are expecting another 8 inches of snow.  So, today is the day to scurry around to the bank, the post office, and the grocery store.  I'll also be going into work three hours early to help make up for yesterday's snow day.  I may do so again on Thursday.  It depends on how much work is left in my inbox tonight.

I have hit a slow patch on The English Band Sampler so there won't be any photos for a little while.  I think I will have to prepare some linen for a small travel project just to have something to stitch when the single stranded Algerian eyelets in the sampler start crossing my eyes again.  The eyelets are stitched in an area hemmed about by cross stitches that partially conceal the threads to be counted when placing the arms of the eyelets.  I can only do so much before eyestrain gets me down.

I got Milady's Tea Shoppe out this morning and worked on it for two hours.  This is going to be one very pink building.  In spite of my general dislike of pink, I am enjoying the more "normal" stitching of this piece.  It makes a nice break from the complex variations of The English Band Sampler.  And I zig-zag stitched the fabric for Piper's stocking and a smaller piece of the same linen for a small pillow I'd like to stitch.  I know I haven't yet earned a new start according to my annual goals.  I don't consider the Tea Shoppe a new start since it is part of a series I have been stitching for some time as well as being one of my monthly goals.  But the pin pillow has been calling my name ever since my husband gave it to me last year as an anniversary gift.  I may just set the band sampler aside long enough to get a start on it as well.  So we should have a bit of variety going on again. 


llknbillburg said...

I have to say, working in a rotation has really helped me get things done. It keeps things fresh and moving along!! Laura

Julie said...

It's always nice to have a change and stitch on something completely different. A nice start.