Monday, February 3, 2014

And the Snow Keeps Coming

The day started with a two hour delay but soon morphed into a closing.  By 5:00pm, we had at least 7 or 8 inches on top of what hasn't yet melted from last week/  And the predictions for Tuesday night into Wednesday are for another 4 to 8 inches of snow topped off with an inch or two of ice.  And we have two more months of winter left to survive.  Ah well, we have had some exceptionally mild winters in the past few years so I guess we were due for a rough one.  We haven't yet gotten to the point when the town sends in the front loaders and dump trucks to take the snow away and dump it into the Hudson River.  But that may happen this week.

So I may have more stitching time than usual this week as a result. Today, I spent some time doing the one strand stitching on the band.  This involved the satin stitching in the dark blue squares and the Algerian eyelets around the blue squares.  It was all rather time consuming.  I didn't even manage to finish up one of the 8 squares before my eyes started to cross.  And I was using a magnifier and a stitching lamp, so that's saying something.  But I would far rather take my time and get it right since frogging one stranded stitches is truly horrific.


Berit said...

Good God! It hadn't occurred to me that they'd herd the snow into the Hudson!

I was just hanging out in Hoboken brunching with friends on Sunday, too--it was so warm and really lovely. :) Someone said (a person sufficiently my senior that I did not like to contradict him wholesale), "Tomorrow's snow won't be any thing; even commuters will have no problem." and many other dismissive, nose-wrinkling "Nah!"s. Humph. As I thought, it was TOTALLY a thing. (Boyfriend spent 5+ hours commuting; his commute is typically a bit under 3 total for the day).

Please, no more tomorrow--But, I'll take it over the 7-10 day single digit stretches!

Meanwhile, my linen stash has dwindled to the point that I am extremely limited in my New Start prospects. And the smalls I've attempted are too "Christmas, BLARGH!" (A new reaction from me...)

Makes me wish I'd done something about getting into sock knitting before the holiday season set in.

The colors on the Unending Band are lovely--especially in this weather; I'm enjoying it progress.

Julie said...

You've done so much to this since I was last here. I'm so way behind on blog reading having had a busy week last week.
It's looks magnificent, I love it!