Sunday, February 23, 2014


Here is my little gallery of biscornus.  I really like this finish and have a few more charts in my to-do-soon binder and my class projects basket that will be finished this way.  But for now, this is it.

This the top of About X Stitch's Ruffled Diamond.  I chose the over dyed floss to match  the fantastic pair of antique buttons I had purchased.

As you can see by the bottom, this was stitched in 2008..


This Olive Branch biscornu is the same top and bottom and boasts another really neat pair of antique buttons.  Click to enlarge and view the brass filigree button in more detail.  It is also my favorite pin cushion, always close to hand whenever I am stitching.

Again, a top and bottom view of a biscornu.  The chart was a freebie, discarded after stitching so I can't give you the provenance on the design.  The buttons are etched metal from a favorite and very comfortable old chambray dress too worn out  to survive in my wardrobe.  But at least the buttons remain.

I running out of the sample skein of this over dyed cotton while stitching the top so changed the design for the bottom a bit, using another very similar overdye in a colorway a few shades lighter.

This one, another free and unidentified chart, was stitched in pale corals, the same top and bottom, and secured with mother of pearl buttons.

This is a free design called Moroccan Tile.  The top is stitched with a remnant of over dyed cotton and the bottom is stitched with DMC floss picking up one of the colors from the overdye.

 This biscornu is secured with a pair of lovely antique glass buttons in just the right shade of melon.   I collect buttons and I delight in finding just the right ones to embellish my stitching.

Here is another that is the same top and bottom, but with the added bling of some beading in the border.  Again, I used over dyed cotton floss and antique floss buttons.  The green hexagon glass buttons are really quite pretty.

This one is much prettier in real life since you can see the entire fishes in actual three dimensional space.  Since the design elements come so close to center, this biscornu is secured with just a few straight stitches.

Since the fish design was rather fussy though quite pretty, I designed these shells for an easier stitch for
the bottom.

These cats were originally charted as redwork but whoever heard of red cats?  So, I selected colors to transform them into Halloween Black cats and used a pair of brass pumpkin buttons to secure the biscornu.


Julie said...

Biscornus are always so pretty, I love your fish one.

CalamityJr said...

Lovely! I haven't finished a biscornu yet, but they're on my to-do list. You've given us something to really look forward to with your gallery plan.

Kristin said...

Beautiful collection. I espically like the Moroccan one.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous collection. I have never stitched a biscornu either.
I love the one with the fishes, i think it really makes the most of the shape of the piece.

I like your collection of buttons too, this is a great way to use them and display them too.

Maggee said...

What a lovely collection! You haven't done a 15-sided one yet? I have done two... which has enticed me to do a Quaker Ball. Same principle, but 26 pieces!! I am about halfway there...Going to donate to the Attic's Breast Cancer Auction they do every fall. Thanks for sharing and reminding me to pull that Ball out! Hugs!

Linda said...

Lovely biscornu's Regina.


Shebafudge said...

Beautiful biscornus