Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fickle, Fickle, Fickle

Twenty four inches of snow in three days prompted me to nestle down in my stitching chair and stitch up a storm, if you'll pardon the very bad pun.

For the past three days, I have been a total gad-about: stitching a little on one project, switching to another, and then dropping that one for still another.  Call me fickle but I really am enjoying switching gears frequently.  It's as though that fierce focus of the past several months has exploded into billions of glittering smithereens.  Nothing holds my attention for more than an hour or two.

First up, Pineberry Lane's Mehitabel's Redwork Sampler .  I am working this on a scrap of the same linen I am using for the grandchildren's Christmas stockings, Silkweaver's Meadow Mist 36ct.  It is a very greyed down, pale sage green.  A nice neutral color.  The silk I am using is Needlepoint Inc.'s Russet Red Range, a deep red left over from stitching Primitive Needle's Black'd Skie.  So, both silk and linen are from stash, giving me that virtuously frugal reduce, reuse, recycle glow.

Next up is Milady's Tea House from the Indy 2006 Town Square series.  This particular chart was done by the folks from Milady's Needle.  I just have the over one stitching in the windows and the specialty stitching in the door step flower pots to do.  This is another project that is stitched from existing stash.  I had to substitute five of the dozen or so called for fibers but it is working our quite well..

Then, I started Aury's Quaker Hearts 2013 that I somehow failed to stitch the year it was published.  I use the same blue linen for the Quaker Heart series as I do for the Town Square series, so I cut the linen for this in a  six inch wide strip long enough to stitch the heart and my four next Town Square buildings.  I wound it on my doodler lap frame which, while not the most portable frame I have, is one of the most comfortable configurations of scroll rods that I own.  I am using GAST Cranberry, Oatmeal and Freedom for this piece.


tr said...

You are doing a great job!!

I think I will try that rotate 4 small patterns so I don't get tired of stitching just one I have the town Hall series I will get it out and start one.

Linda said...

Lots of variety for you during the storms - they are all looking very nice and well done on just using your stash.

Linda said...

Love all the projects your working on Regina.


Shebafudge said...

Your projects are looking lovely!

Julie said...

Nice that you have been kept busy whilst the snow storms have been raging outside, great progress.

Stitchinowl said...

I like all your projects. I should start a rotation, since I tend to get bored with stitching the same piece.