Sunday, September 8, 2013

TUSAL and Progress Post

The top layer of orts is froml TW's Woodland Angel Stocking: heavy on the whites from the snow with a touch of green from the trees and now moving back into blue-whites and blues for the drapery ... soon there will be a quick side trip into whites and silver whites yet again for the dove flying up just in front of the blue drape.  There's no getting away from those whites!  But this is just a small bird and I can manage that much at least.

The first photo shows the progress as of last Tuesday ... some folks have commented that they like to see comparison photos on the same post.  Anything to oblige.

The second photo shows progress as of Sunday and the third phot is a close-up of that progress.  Section 4 is done, even the back stitching.  Section 5 is moving along nicely.  I did quite a bit of back-stitching on Section 5 as well.  I like to tackle the back stitching as I go along, especially if the project is large.  For one thing, it breaks up the tedious chore into manageable segments.  For another, I love the way the design comes to life as the back stitching is added.  And finally, the back stitching provides another reference point when counting stitches.  The robes in the lower right corner of this section are done and quite a few more shades have been added to the draperies.
I was running low on 340 and 341 as well as some other DMC floss.  As luck would have it, I had most of the others in my skein stash and wound the skeins onto bobbins for my TW case. It was only the 340 and 341 that I had to run out and buy because, of course, that is what I need for the drapery on which I am working on NOW.  Everything that was conveniently in stash will not be needed till I move on past the blue drape.  Another example of Murphy's Law in action.


Anna van Schurman said...

Great progress!

Julie said...

This really is going to be very special.