Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Different Routine Starts Today

Today is the first day of evening classes and I'll be going in a bit late today.  So, I had two hours to stitch this morning instead of just one.  Something tells me I am going to be needing the added tranquility from this morning stitch time as I face the challenges of the day.  Our reduced enrollment has made it practical to down size from five sessions to four.  Some of our late registrants were unable to get all of their children in the same session and there is much gnashing of teeth.  Of course, these same folks had from May 15 to register, knowing that I follow a first come first served policy and that the more popular sessions fill up quickly.  Waiting till late August or early September to register and then presuming to be surprised that they can't get the exact placements they wanted is a wee bit insane naive.  But, of course, I am the bad guy, refusing to make their lives easier by over loading classes and placing strain on my volunteer catechists.  

This week begins the routine of working 9-5pm on Mondays and Wednesdays but 12:30 to 8:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I doubt I'll do much more than eat a quick supper and fall into bed tonight after I get home.   So no more stitching today and probably not another post till Thursday or Friday morning.

But that isn't what you visit this blog to read about.  Back to stitching.  Here is the progress made since yesterday: some more of the back stitching done and some more of the sleeve completed.

And here is a close-up of the bottom portion of the stocking.  I am so close to finishing up Section 5, I can taste the sweet satisfaction.  It looks as though I really will be starting Section 2 this month.  Of course, at the moment, I am ignoring all other WIPs, even the two projects I listed on this month's goal list, thinking I might want a break from the stocking.  That doesn't seem to be happening.


Cathy said...

The stocking is beautiful. I'll be looking forward to seeing the progress on it.

Maggee said...

You are coming along nicely on the TW stocking! It is going to be spectacular--I am looking forward to seeing the finish! Hugs!