Friday, September 6, 2013

Damnable Diversions

I have a number of things I need to do today, though my fingers are itching to stitch on my TW stocking.  
  • First, catch up on the mountain of laundry overflowing the bathroom hamper.
  • Second, run my sewing machines to the shop for repairs.
  • Third, check out the folder with the pre-work for a stitching retreat I am planning to attend.
  • Fourth, try out my brand new crock pot with one of the pot roast recipes I have downloaded from the internet.  And maybe, make the chocolate fondue in the small dipper pot from the recipe booklet included in the box. [Must remember to stop and buy some angel food or pound cake if I do that.]
  • Fifth, check the floss box for the TW stocking to see what I am running low on.  Stop at Michael's or A.C. Moore to get the needed floss.
Then, I can get back to the stocking for the rest of the day: I've got just a bit of green to stitch on Section 4 and then I can concentrate on Section 5.  As I reach the top of Section 5, I'll probably do another photocopy, cut and paste of the chart sections so that I can move smoothly to the angel's shoulders and wings.


Vickie said...

Your fourth thing to do is my favorite! ;)

Vera said...

Ohhhhh, chocolate fondue sounds wonderful...maybe some strawberries to go with it?

Melissa said...

That's quite the list! I know one thing I'd neglect all together... laundry haha

Cynthia said...

You're going to Mystic next month? If so, I will see you there. Fun times.