Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumn Stitching

On one of the boards I read, a request has gone out to share photos of one's Autumn stitching finishes.  Since I have been stitching for a little over 40 years and since Autumn is my favorite season, I thought I'd gather as many of my Autumn finishes in one blog post ... at least as many as I have photos of:  I have had a digital camera for only the last decade or so.  Of course, I am not counting Halloween or Thanksgiving finishes since I have already done gallery posts on those holidays.  This post is just generic Fall stuff: acorns, colorful leaves, harvest scenes, etc.  The gallery below includes 20 projects.  I know there are more around the house but I limited myself to those already included in my digital photo albums.

This is an old Handblessing complimentary bookmark chart - I don't think it is available any longer

Bent Creek [I think] ... one of the many Autumn samplers I have stitched

This is a very old complimentary chart ... I am afraid I cannot remember the name of the designer or the design.  I stitched this at a time when I was less discriminating and frequently failed to note such details.  I have a vague feeling that this might be a San-Man design but I wouldn't swear to it.

This is a Silver Needle Night design from the days when Mona was still doing most of the designs.

This is one of the pieces from a CATs stitching banquets ... take a closer look and note the beaded tops of the acorns ... this is one of my favorite things.  Three designers on the organizing committee of CATs would each supply a design, we'd all eat the usual rubber chicken meal and then the rest of the evening would be a quick class on each design.  This is a Liz Diehl design.

This is a Round Robin:  I did the border the top panel and the center and right panel on the bottom.  The rest was done by other members of the round robin.  It uses Prairie Schooler charts and a border from The Better Homes and Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs.

This is another old Handblessing's free bookmark chart.  I can no lonher find it on the website so I suspect it has been withdraw.

A small amulet bag I made for my daughter using  another older free design  the name of which I can not remember.

Spots of Fun done in autumnal colors.

Strictly speaking, this is an Earth Day sampler but I switched the colors to an autumn palette and re-designed it to include two squirrels instead of one bird.

A Prairie Schooler complimentary chart - somehow pheasants suggest Autumn to me.

Teresa Wentzler's Autumn Faerie

Cedar Springs Berry Patch Rabbit

A biscornu using autumn colors

LHN's Autumn Entry from the Season of series

A Prairie Schooler piece I used to make a long pin cushion for an exchang

Just an ornament I use it on both my Halloween tree and my Thanksgiving Tree

The gist tote bag below features a small red squirrel ... another creature I always associate with autumn.

Sheep and knitting and wool also suggest Autumn to me is a knitting project baf I made for one of my sisters

And here is another knitting bag I made using an old Halloween ornament design on a larger count linen than originally called for.  The photo below shows the interior of the bag.


Vickie said...

Too many great ones! I love autumn too. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day in the Lord.

Lauren - Ambitious Stitches said...

That is an impressive amount of work... and it's only your fall stuff! One day, I hope I have as many beautiful completed projects to show as you do.

The acorn project with the beads is my favorite as well. They look fantastic!

Anna van Schurman said...

I'm looking around and I'm not sure I have any fall pieces! I have a couple of Halloween ones. Interesting. You have many lovely pieces collected here.

Maggee said...

The 2nd one is by Bent Creek--I believe I have it somewhere still! I also love those beaded acorn tops! That entire piece is just exquisite, with all those specialty stitches. You have quite a few in your collection--thanks for sharing! Hugs!