Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Swag Bags, Door Prizes and Giveaways

The other day I started posting about the Mystic Spooky Retreat 2012.  But there was so much I didn't cover.  I didn't mention that there were 34 stitchers in attendance, I never talked about the fabulous food, completely failed to note the presence of a very well behaved canine attendee named Abby, and I realized that I failed to take a single photo of Sue.  There was so much going on that I am sure I didn't even register a fraction of it  ... at a retreat, I often slip into the zone and simply stitch, oblivious to all that is around me.

But one thing even I couldn't ignore were the lavender swag bags that greeted us as we filed into the stitching room and the liberal distribution of door prizes.  Each stitcher in the room got two.  The shops and designers are very supportive of the hideaway retreats, much to the credit of Sue herself who does an excellent job of public relations.  Sue has thank you cards to those who contributed to the swag bags already for our signatures and spread out on the table during the retreat so that we can sign them whenever we have a moment.  And she includes a stamped, pre-addressed thank you note in each door prize bag so that all we have to do is write a personal thank you and drop it in the mail box.  No wonder the shops and designers continue to support Sue's retreats.  

Now, of course, the variety of the donated materials means that not everything a stitcher receives will find it's way into the stash.  But  here is my list of keepers:

123stitch                          skeins of Caron, Threadworx and Thread Gatherer floss
123stitch                          Over the Top Limited Edition 2009 [A Christmas tin]
Elizabeth Needleworks     A is for Autumn
Glory Bee's                      Friendship
GPA                                D4 Scissors Case
Lavender Wings               Pumpkin Patch

However, that left a fair amount of non-keepers available to any reader who wishes to claim them.  If more than one reader wants a particular chart, I'll do a drawing.  Please note, only the items listed below are available as giveaways.

Cross Stitch & Needlework, November 2010
JBW Designs     Dear Santa
Jeanette Douglas Designs     Sweet Pumpkin
Lavender Wings     Esmeralda's Brew
Praiseworthy Stitches     Sassy Bat
Rosewood Manor     Crows' Feet Quilt Block
Tempting Tangles Designs     Valentina, the baby chimp
The Victoria Sampler     State Hearts: Massachusetts
The Victoria Sampler     Boo Buttons #5: Muscateer and Catpunzel


Kay said...

How lovely of you to share your gifts. If possible I would love the JBW chart. Thank you so much.

Vickie said...

Riona, I have been praying for you and your husband and your kids and family. How are you all faring?

Joyce Clark Frank said...

What fun the retreat much have been. I want to plan to attend a retreat in 2013. I would love to have the following charts.
JBW Designs Dear Santa
Jeanette Douglas Designs Sweet Pumpkin My email is

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

I would love Boo Buttons #5 by The Victorian Sampler and/or the Sassy Bat by Praiseworthy Stitches.

Thank you,

Kay said...

How generous! Would love the Boo Buttons #5 - they are super cute. Looks like a fun retreat, too!

Linda said...

Wow Riona. How kind of you. I'm not picky. I would be happy with whatever is left over. I love them all.


Mary said...

Glad you had a good time. I met you at a Hideaway once (the Sweetheart Tree one - I haven't completed that one yet)

If it's still available I'd enjoy the Massachusetts heart - I'm trying to do the ones that have meaning to my family - one son went to grad school at BU.

Hope you stay warm and dry

Mary in MN

Brigitte said...

Must have been a great retreat.
I hope you and your family made it through the storm without suffering from any damages.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How nice of you to share with us.

I can't find a pic of the Lavendar Wings design but I'm happy to take a punt on it! Please could you put my name down for that one as no-one else is interested!

I'm planning on doing a similar thing but with all the "cute" charts they love here in the UK (and I don't!!). I'm sure lots of people will be happy to take them off my hands.