Thursday, November 1, 2012

Assessing October Goals and Setting November Goals

    • 2010-2011 WIPs:  Embellish another area on the Encrusted Crazy Quilt Square, finish the needlebook and slip Midnight Moogies back into the rotation, even though that would put three BAPs in the rotation.  Not a bit done on these.
    • 2012 Crazy Class Project Challenge:  Continue to work on the Victoria Sampler's Mystic Smalls projects, finishing the Stitcher's Pocket and starting the fob and scissor case.  I finished stitching the Stitcher's Pocket on 10/2 though I haven't assembled it yet.
    • 2012 WIPs: Finish Part II of The English Band Sampler and continue stitching TW's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking, finishing page 8  and starting page 7.   I did finish Section 8 and got a good start on section 7 of The Woodland Angel but was unable to do anything on the English Band Sampler.
    • Town Square SAL: stitch the Primitives Shop and the Book Shop.  Finished The Primitives Shop 10-12-12.  I did get a start on The Book Shop, which is a little more than halfway done at this point.    It turned into my "power outage stitching" since it was relatively simple and on 32ct linen.  Easy to see by such light as was streaming in from the back door on a very ovrcast post Sandy day.  More on that in a later post.
    • Sewing Finishes: Try to get at least 2 or 3 done.   Not a one.
          Off-Goal Stitching: Purple Peacocks is stitched.

    2012 WIPs: Concentrate solely on TW's Woodland Angel,  making as much progress as possible.
    Sewing Finishes:  Get ready for Christmas.  Assemble the three Town Square SAL ornaments and the Victoria Sampler ornament.  Sew up gift totes using the appropriate finished pieces.

    At the end of November, I will try to make a reasonable assessment of my progress on the stocking to determine whether it is worth continuing the single-minded concentration on the project through December.  If I don't think there is a likelihood of finishing by Christmas, I'll put the rest of my usual rotation back in place.  I'll just have to plan on finishing Liam's stocking in early 2013 and getting Piper's done in 2013 as well.  Rocco's stocking will be the 2014 project.

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