Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Compound Posting

Friday was a very good day:

 I had a small happy dance to do as regards my stitching: The Primitives Shop is stitched.  The over one stitching of the display window made this take a touch longer than some of the other shops in this series but, boy oh boy, is it a beauty.  Working from the chart only and without a photo of the stitched model, the window was a something of a mystery stitch.  The doll, candle and stars were perfectly obvious from the start.  The rectangle in the center: well, it took me a while to figure out that it was a painting of a house.  But the little red hen in the lower right corner: until it was fully stitched, I had no clue what it was going to be.

Since Friday was the occasion of another trip to the doctor with my mother, I had to come up with another waiting room stitch.  Something portable, without too many color changes and not requiring constant attention to a chart.  I pulled this chart, Purple Peacocks by, from my file of quick and easy projects along with some aqua 28ct Laguna.  I am using GAST Peacock for all the stitching rather than the recommended purple overdyed floss since it works better on the aqua fabric.  Two of the four peacocks are fully stitched and another started.  Not bad progress.  I am not entirely sure how I shall finish this.  The design is perfect for a biscornu but it would also make a sweet pin pillow.  

However, the best news of the day had nothing to do with stitching.  Mom got a clean bill of health ... not a bad thing when the office being visited is entitled Hematology/Oncology.  The hematologist she sees is a very upbeat guy who told her that some of her test results were better than his own and that he couldn't believe she was 84 and looked more like 64.  He's right, she does!  Especially when compared with all the other elderly folk I saw in that waiting room, my Mom looks like a spring chicken.

Saturday was a lazy day:

A take out breakfast of waffles, bacon and eggs set the tone for a lazy day watching Season 7 of Bones.

Sunday was even lazier:

After lectoring the 9:30 Mass which was also the annual commissioning Mass for all lay ministries,  I helped a car-less friend out briefly and then did nothing at all that was in the least memorable.

Monday was a typical Monday:

Things are getting hectic at work again: parents meetings, annual reports, safer spaces reports, crisis management reports with the Family Catechesis Events [as yet unwritten] just on he horizon in early November.  October can be mildly crazy.  I guess the lazy weekend was a good thing considering what this week brings.

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