Saturday, October 27, 2012


Right now I am enjoying one of Sue Donnelly's fabulous Stitcher's Hideaways.  Stitchers from as faraway as Oregon but most of the folks came from New England, New Jersey and New York.  This is one of those retreats where you have a choice between  taking a class or two and doing a free stitch.  Iopted to stitch on my Woodland Angel yesterday and this morning though I plan on taking aclass..  Then it will be back to the Woodland Angel for the rest of the day.   have taken plenty of photos and will post themtomorrow once I 've had a chance todownload them.   Idid violate one of my goals: I bought one class project kit and two more charts.  But I did score a grab  bag of Thread Gatherer floss for a mere twenty dollarsfor at least a dozen cards..  And I picked up another  small carry-all, the sorton a metal frame that opens up to stand on a table top.

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