Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wentzler Wednesday Every Day

Now that I have determined to stitch on my Wentzler Christmas stocking BAP exclusively for the rest of this month and through November, things are moving along at a good pace.

I have finished the back stitching on the angel in sections 1, 5, 9 and in most of section 8.  I still have a bit of cross & back stitching to do in section 8.  Then it will be on to Section 7.  Normally, I rather like back stitching and find it very relaxing but I have to say the back stitching in the wing required all my attention. Normally, the colors in a piece are a guide to how the back stitching should flow.  But the strip of wing in section 1 looked like a mosiac.  However, once the back stitching was done you could see the feathering and the mosaic "look" suddenly became much more coherent.  Still, the effect was subtle given that the back stitching was done in DMC 3862.

Unfortunately, however much I am pleased by my progress, a photograph isn't very impressive at this stage.  My photographic skills and my point and shoot digital camera are just not sophisticated enough to make pick up all the subtle improvements since the last photo.

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Vickie said...

Progress is progress right? =)