Friday, February 3, 2012

The Plans of Mice and Men ...

... and stitchers, Gang aft agley. With apologies to Robert Burns, the plan to earn new starts with finishes of old pieces has already gang agley. When I came home from work last night, I couldn't face either of the two challenge pieces in my rotation. So I started this little Celtic bookmark on a scrap of raw linen fabric with a very mixed bag of fibers. The chart is from Dinky Dyes and the recommended fibers are, as you might expect, Dinky Dye flosses. But since I have very little Dinky Dye floss in my stash and didn't like the suggested colorway of green, yellow and purple anyway, I substituted my own colorway of olive green, cream, and rose/brown: Caron Wildflowers Camouflage, Threadworx 1069 and some very old Needle Necessities that has long since been separated from its identifying sleeve. The Needle Necessities floss is a very nearly perfect lighter version of the Wildflowers and the Threadworx picks up the green tone in both the other fibers. Three different manufacturers but a perfect blending of tones and tints! I picked out some appropriate DMC floss for the back-stitching. The end result is this simple but elegant little bookmark. As new starts go, this wasn't a terrible deviation from my plan ... quickly worked up and not a continuing distraction from my class project and UFO challenges. But stash diving through my scraps of linen started me down a slippery slope. I found another piece of natural linen that was just perfect for this CEC Tiny Basket chart and I am stitching it up with odds and ends of floss left over from other projects. And during all this browsing through stitching detritus, I found a small project bag with another bookmark WIP, this one of my own design: a bookcase. I guess I just wasn't cut out for doing ONLY large projects for an entire year ... I couldn't even make it into the second month. I appear to need the satisfaction of a couple of finishes a month, however small.

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pandy said...

ugh I hear you! I had ~all~ my projects lined up and ready to go, but then I found pokemon patterns that I showed a friend and he wanted them so bad, so I started them. Then I found a My Little Pony pattern that another friend would love, so I'll be starting that soon. AND THEN I took out my "oldest ufo" which I wasn't planning on this year at all!

The first bookmark is very lovely, I like the colours you chose for it.