Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Setting March Goals

Crazy Class Project Challenge:
Resume stitching on the next class project: Phyllis Mauer's Japanese Kogin Tea Cozy. Actually resumed stitching on this piece already, on 2/26.
2010/11 WIPs:
Resume work on Jacobean Elegance Afghan and Primitive Needle's Black'd Skie. I'll be working these two in tandem since the afghan is clearly too large to travel. Both qualify as BAPs and will probably remain on my monthly goals list for many months. So my actual goal will be to stitch 4 more blocks on the afghan and to complete Block 2 of Black'd Skie. I was able to return to these two projects on 2/20, having met my WIP goal early last month.

2012 Start: Earned by finishing the Holly & Hearts Sampler from the Class project list and Workbasket's Quaker Sampler from the 2010-11 WIP list: small mystery gift promised to Jo as December 2011 giveaway winner. I earned another 2012 start with a finish of Tracery Dragons from the WIP list and the Holly & Hearts Christmas ornament. Next up is the Teresa Wentzler's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking which, I suspect, will keep me occupied for the remainder of the year. As a result, all other new starts earned will have to be small exchanges and ornaments.

TSS Scissor Keep Exchange: start and finish and mail by April deadline. For reasons I cannot explain even to myself, I am not counting this as a "new start". My internal logic [or, illogic, if you will] clearly designates exchanges as exempt from the new start rule.

Sewing and Assembly Finishes: Two pillows.

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Jeanne said...

I love to make goals too but don't always get them done. You did pretty good with February - congrats!