Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I have been moving along on Tracery Dragons this week, to the total exclusion of all other stitching, with this result. As I have said many times, I am normally a rotation stitcher ... which is really a polite way of saying my limited attention span requires a selection of five to ten projects from which to choose at any given moment. In fact, if you looked in my current stitching tote you would find seven projects in various stages of completion and there are two more nearly finished projects sitting near my stitching chair awaiting some quality time. My self-imposed challenges to complete class projects and one & two year old WIPs have taken me out of that comfort zone of rotation stitching. In fact, this year, I am becoming more than a bit compulsive, craving finishes and working single-mindedly toward that goal. That sounds grim but it isn't really! I can honestly say that in nearly 40 years of stitching, I have committed to only three or four duty stitches, and none in the past several years. Everything else has been chosen because I am genuinely attracted by the the concept or the process or the finished design. All good reasons to stitch. Furthermore, I am a list-maker and I just love, love, love crossing completed tasks off a to-do list ... at home, at work, and apparently, at play. So, I am looking forward to crossing Tracery Dragons off the list of 2010-2011 WIPs awaiting completion. Maybe by month's end!


Rachel S-H said...

Your progress is beautiful. I feel the same way, that I am starting to crave the finish to get it off the list, but at least we have something pretty when we're done.

Mary said...

You know, that piece just gets more beautiful with each photo - just love that way the backstiching MAKES the design!

Congratulations on the great progess

Mary in MN

Blu said...

Amazing progress on Tracery Dragons. I've yet to see the whole thing stitched and yours is looking gorgeous.

Teresa said...

You're making wonderful progress, Riona! I'm cheering you on. ;) (Happy Birthday wishes to your daughter!)