Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Brief Stitching Moratorium

Yesterday passed without so much as one stitch taken. The same will likely be true of today. I have a part-time secretary during the day and a part-time program assistant during the 17 hours that classes are in session. The program assistant has been out for the past week and will be out for the remainder of this week, recuperating from surgery. While being careful to let her know she should take as much sick leave as she needs to recover properly, I have also let her know that this whole experience really has opened my eyes to how very much I depend on her. I am only picking up half of her routine duties in addition to my own and I am exhausted when I get home. I am making note, so I can report all to her when she returns, just how many parents, students and catechists have noted her absence and asked for her. She is a real people person and has what can only be called a sunny disposition. I may be the brain of this program but she is the heart. Josephine, get well soon ... the front office just isn't the same without you!


Rachel S-H said...

What a nice post. You will make her day to let her know how appreciated she is.

Kay said...

I, too, hate days with no stitching. Hope Josephine has a speedy recovery and things get back to normal for you.