Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Apparently, there will be three Friday the 13ths this year: in January, April and July. And no, I am not so superstitious that I felt the need to look this up. It just happened to be mentioned by one of the deejays on the morning drive time radio show I listen to each morning. Since three Friday the 13ths in one year is an unusually high number, I just put it out there for what it is worth: an interesting bit of trivia with which to win a bet. I am sure some ambitious soul could search the internet for the year with the most Friday the 13ths, but I am not such a soul. At least, not today. I am currently winning the battle with my husband for bragging rights to the worst cold of the season and have a horrendous headache to boot. My research ambitions are at a very low ebb, for the moment. Maybe I'll be more in the mood to do a little arcane research in April or July, when the subject becomes current again. I do believe it is time to put an end to my delirious, cold medication induced ramblings ... maybe some kind soul will drop by, make me some tea and tuck me up on the couch with fleece throws and the remote at the ready to continue my Stargate Atlantis marathon. Who am I kidding? I'll make my own tea, get my own throw, find the remote myself and generally nurse myself. I hate being a grown-up sometimes! Having depressed myself with these thoughts, I figured I might as well take the time to google the topic before trudging downstairs to be both patient and nurse. As per Wikipedia: Between 2001-2028, there are four years with as many as three Friday the 13ths: 2009, 2012, 2015, 2026. But that's the top number: some twos and ones but no fours. For some reason that I did not have the energy to delve into, all calculations of what day a particular date falls upon are done in 28 year cycles. For those who are interested in pursuing this riveting topic, follow this link for further data. Now, really, I am going to bury myself under several layers of fleece blankets for the remainder of the day.

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