Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Christmas Contest Winner, A Belated Announcement

You must forgive me. My husband and I have been competing to see who can have the worst cold of the season for the past week. I believe I am winning though the contest has been fierce. It has kept me from attending to business, like my promise to choose a person for whom to stitch a small something featuring a favorite stitching theme. The person for whom I have chosen to stitch [yes, I know most people would say "the person I will be stitching for" but once an English teacher, always an English teacher] is Jo because she likes both cats and Halloween and I have the perfect chart combining the two themes and a delicious bit of fabric that will work for it. Now Jo, don't be expecting it immediately ... I will be kitting it up tonight ... but this year I am "earning" my new starts by completing 1 project from the Crazy Class Project Challenge and one piece from my 2010-11 WIP list. So it may be a while before I earn a start and there is one project ahead of you. Figure sometime in March for a mailing date.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

ooo, is that me? I like cats, I like Hallowe'en, I like winning giveaways!!

Take your time, it makes me feel better about the length of time it takes me to mail things!

Interesting point about language evolution: since starting a blog I always say "mail" now when I mean sending something via the postal system because "posting" now means an entry on my blog or on a forum!

Vicky said...

Hope you feel better soon.