Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Entry Hall Tree Project

I removed the Christmas ornaments from the entry hall tabletop tree on Jan. 7 and replaced them with hearts to celebrate my Jan. 10 anniversary. The hearts will remain up through the end of February. Then the tabletop tree comes down till Memorial Day when I put up all my patriotic ornaments. I still have to work on some Celtic ornaments for March and St. Patrick's Day and some Easter ornaments for April and some Spring ornaments for most of May and something suitable for September if I am to keep the tabletop tree decorated year round. But those will be projects for other years. For 2012, I am hoping to stitch one or two more heart ornaments before I take the tree down on Leap Day [aka Sadie Hawkins Day] ... what better day to take down all the heart ornaments than the day celebrating the old-fashioned notion that for a woman to propose marriage was quite the rarity, occurring but once every four years.


butterfly said...

Love your tree and those beautiful hearts, you have got me thinking now. ha ha.

Rachel S-H said...

Happy Anniversary!