Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Progress Report: January 8, 2012

I was quite happy with my progress on my Crazy Class Project Challenge, The Sweetheart Tree's Holly & Hearts Sampler ... until, that is, I realized I'd have to frog a healthy portion of two rows because of an error that throws off the symmetry by two lousy threads. I was congratulating myself for selecting the right piece to start my challenge because I had been zipping along quite nicely. In fact, I thought this was a much easier stitch than I had remembered it being. What can I say? Pride goeth before a fall. The first photo shows the progress unvisited by the frog. I decided to go with the alphabet after all, after looking at various alphabets for a monogram. Every style I liked, and thought suited the overall look of the sampler, couldn't be made to fit the space. Then came the lattice work row. I stitched it at least four times in the long stitch as directed but then when it came down to do the tacking stitches, the bottom row of tacks didn't line up properly. I finally gave up and cheated by doing a series of diamond pane stitches and tacking down the intersections. Same look, less aggravation. The next few rows of backstitching and herringbone stitches were easy enough. But then I made a rookie mistake in the next tracery row, missing one lousy little backstitch, throwing the symmetry off by two linen threads. The result: I'll have to frog nearly all the right side of the tracery, the right Rhodes heart and beading and the backstitching immediately below to line things up properly. Even so, I am expecting a finish before next Sunday. Since I am making equally gratifying progress on Workbasket's Quaker Sampler from my 2010-2011 WIP List, I may have two finishes within the week. And in my mad little two steps forward, one step backward world ... that will earn me one new start! I think it will have to be one of the heart ornaments I want to add to my January-February Tree, celebrating my wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day.


mdgtjulie said...

Sorry about the visit from the frog, Riona, but it was looking lovely before he visited. Hopefully, it will look lovely after his visit too. Good luck with your almost finishes!!

Rachel S-H said...

Sorry about all the frogging. It looks beautiful!

Mary said...

Oh, boy, Riona - you are a brave a brave stitcher! I have not even considered picking up that piece again - just too many vines and leaves. You piece is looking beautiful!

Mary in MN