Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: August 7, 2011

Posting this two days late:

Visiting grandchildren [and their parents, too, but let's be clear about priorities ... it's the grandchildren that are receiving most of my attention!] from the West Coast have consumed most of my weekend. Since, they are only four and two years of age, baby-proofing has meant keeping my stitching stuff safely put away. So there is a little less to report than usual. The Tracery Dragons: I picked up this CJC [Day 10] piece back on June 8 and have been stitching on it fairly steadily for two months. I am nearly finished page 2 of the cross-stitching. The most tedious part was stitching the two roses on this page. So very many quarter stitches and 8 different blended needles used to stitch each one! How can such a small area of chart be so complex? If I didn't have my magnet board and straight edged magnet to keep my place, it would have been a nightmare. Even so, it took painstaking patience and lots of counting and re-counting to get it right.

And, I cut the fabric for several smalls to use as purse projects: Aury's 2011 Quaker Heart, PS Summer House promo card [for my set of floss tags] and a PS Eagle & Shield patriotic ornament. I kitted the Quaker heart in Belle Soie silks just like I did the 2009 and 2010 hearts and the PS House in DMC and the PS Eagle in either Belle Soie silks. I couldn't resist starting one, the PS Eagle & Shield, on Friday night and finished it in one sitting ... sans border since I am going to finish-finish it as a round ornament.

And for my Photohunt shot: this week's theme is painted and here is a small painted bowl that I purchased in an art gallery in the Boothbay area of Maine. I fell in love with it even though it is totally impractical. It can't be washed without risking destroying the art work. And I won't keep any hard or edged objects in it like coins, keys or earrings for fear of scratching the finish. Impractical it may be but it spoke to me on a purely aesthetic level. And I wanted to bring such beauty home.


Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

What a gorgeous coloured bowl, I can appreciate why you had to have it..not everything in life needs to be practical does it:)

Chiara said...

personally I think being practical is awfully overrated these days..!!

lovely bowl, and well done with TD!
have nice xxx,