Friday, August 5, 2011

A New Start - in spite of all the WIPs & UFOs

Okay, I finally had to do something, anything different. My stitcher's ADD reasserted itself. I needed the novelty. Happily, the piece I chose is not too large and will not interfere unduly with progress on my WIPs ... and as to the UFOs, well they are nearly beyond hope anyway! I am stitching a lovely old PS complimentary chart for the Autumn Pyn Keepe Exchange on HOE. I am using a 36ct Silkweaver linen called Shadowbrook which makes me think of a mossy forest floor, all soft and shadowy greens over a barely discernible base of subtle tans. I did my own conversion from DMC to Belle Soie silks. The silks and the linen are perfect together. The only problem I foresee is parting with the finished piece. Oh, well, a promise is a promise. I'll have to stitch this design again for myself eventually. Happily, I still have enough Shadowbrook linen to do so. I am stealing a technique from the Homespun Elegance blog and photographing a tiny section as a sneak peek to give you an idea of how well the linen and silk are working together without giving away the whole design.

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