Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: August 28, 2011

It seems entirely appropriate to have as my stitching picture on this post Prairie Schooler's Summer House/Rain ... we are just getting over the after effects of Hurricane Irene. My son is napping downstairs on the sofa, his neighborhood having been evacuated due to an high surge expected for the stream and lake that are literally at his doorstep. The local fire department doesn't expect the damn to hold. I can't reach my daughter who lives on an inlet in the Delaware Water Gap area but my son who recently helped her move in assures me that she lives high on a hill above the shore line. He also mentioned that she doesn't get great cell reception in her area so I should not assume the worst when she doesn't answer my calls. I am trying hard to be sensible and put my anxiety on hold.

Hard to believe, but here in NY, the official end of summer is just a week away with upcoming Last Hurrah of the Labor Day Weekend and, incidentally, my birthday. As always, it sped away all too quickly and the start up of my religious education program looms on the horizon. The start date for classes is Sept. 19 but there are all sorts of preparations to attend to before then, not to mention the recruitment of three more volunteer catechists. Why do people wait to step forward till the very last moment, hoping that someone, anyone, will do so first ... have they no consideration for my sky-rocketing blood pressure readings? Have the parishioners considered just how much worse it might be if suddenly they had to recruit and hire a new Coordinator of Religious Education [the former one being mercifully confined to a padded cell, babbling incoherently about schedules, catechist shortages, hand-outs, background-checks, late registrations, orientation meetings, name tags, fundraisers, pastors, parents, printers and zero point budgets] ... and just a few weeks before the program is due to start? That'd teach 'em! Or perhaps not ... my delusions of indispensability notwithstanding! At least I can always retreat and regroup in the serenity of my stitching corner. At this point the lyric "In my own little corner, in my own little chair" from the Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella has started to run through my head ... perhaps I am not all that far removed from that padded cell, after all! Now enough of this blather and on to stitching progress for the week. First up, the PS Promo card Summer House/Rain is finished. The Heartstrings Make Do Earth Day Sampler is moving along nicely with the addition of squirrels and acorns. I have even done a bit more work on TW's Tracery Dragons. I'll show another picture of the dragons on Wednesday, when, one hopes, there'll be considerably more and noticeable progress. So, apparently, the stitching corner has been a pretty busy place this week.

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mdgtjulie said...

Oh, you poor thing. With all that in your head, no wonder you want to stay in your stitchy corner!!!! I think that's the first rainy day project I've ever seen. Grats on the finish!! Can't wait to see TD on Wed!!