Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: July 3, 2011

BAP: I worked on Tracery Dragons on Thursday and Friday and have a bit more progress to show you. I am pleased that it is actually beginning to look like something beyond amorphous blobs of color. When dealing with a Teresa Wentzler chart, back-stitching makes all the difference. Even so, I believe I will hold off on any more back-stitching till I am further along ... since it all has to be done in a very specific order to give the proper definition to the design. One tiny bit of irksomeness: when I originally stitched the left border in January during the Crazy January Challenge, I failed to notice that [as in just about every Teresa Wentzler piece I have ever done] the design proper overlaps the border. I suppose I could just frog those few grey stitches as I get to them but then there is all the fuss of securing ends ... so I think that frogging the whole inner vertical line will be the easiest solution. I can't believe I made so obvious an error. It's not like this is my very first TW.

CJC: Tracery Dragons is actually one of my Crazy January Challenge pieces ... so I guess you could say I am killing two birds with one stone, by stitching on it so extensively this week. In addition, I did manage to finish Jane Greenoff's Blackwork Owl and make it into a Halloween ornament. And, then, I have made some serious progress on the Town Square SAL Town Hall. So the CJC bit of my rotation is doing very well indeed.

HOE: The next round, featuring a Lizzie Kate Christmas ornament, will be running from July 3 till August 15. As I take breaks from the mind-boggling BAP, I have already stitched and assembled two LK ornaments ... now it is just a matter of deciding which to send to whomever I am assigned. I wish I could show photos but alas, I'll have to wait on that until I decide which ornament I am parting with ... naturally, acquisitive stitcher that I am, I want to keep both ... and then, of course, I'll have to wait till the sent ornament is received. So, it'll be a while before I show any pictures.

Sewing/Assembly Finishes: I have been going gangbusters on ornament finishes. Three Town Square SAL ornament finishes, two Lizzie Kate Christmas ornament finishes and one Halloween ornament finish. I have also made some progress on the knitting project tote I am making as a gift for one of my sisters. On top of that, I have prepped the boards for some floss tags ... now I just have to read all the directions on my spanking new Crop-a-Dile, before actually assembling them.

Surface Embroidery: Nothing accomplished in this area this past week, though I am now carrying the Fertile Circles Needlebook project around in my stitching bag so it should see some action in the next few weeks.

WIPs and UFOs 2010: Again nothing accomplished in this area this past week, but I am carrying the Workbasket Quaker Sampler around in my stitching bag as well. So I expect to post some progress photos next week.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh TW's tracery Dragons is going to be just a wonderful piece all finished up. I look forward to watching it develop!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How annoying about the TW border. I hate frogging and would be tempted to stitch the design OVER the top of the grey stitches!
It's looking really good with the bs added.