Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: July 24, 2011

Well, here is my current progress on Tracery Dragons. After frogging two of the leaves, I do believe I am back on track and moving along nicely again. I do have to be careful about going over three threads every so often ... it's something about the weave of this linen that throws me off. It's a very uncommon mistake for me ordinarily, but it has happened three times on this piece. Or maybe I'd just better get my rear in gear and pick up my new glasses at the opticians!!

I have also finished all the perle cotton stitching on the three remaining sides of The Sturbridge Box and will work on the metallic stitching on those sides tomorrow. Until I actually start working with the silks again, this will not be a very photo-worthy project. Maybe I'll have something to share by the end of the coming week.

And, finally, a photo hunt. The theme for this week is "patch" and here is a photo of my embellished patchwork piece that has been languishing unattended for so long it now qualifies as a UFO. I'll have to put it in the rotation again as soon as I finish something, anything. Since the three pieces in my rotation right now are all BAPs: Teresea Wenztler's Tracery Dragons, Thea Dueck's Sturbridge Box and Workbasket's Quaker Sampler, I don't anticipate a finish anytime soon. That's the one problem with BAPs. For all the satisfaction to be had with a large and elaborate piece, they do take soooo long!


Kathy said...

Lovely progress on your Dragons piece. Even with all the frogging. I do hope the frogs stay away now. :)

Can't wait to see your Sturbridge Box progress.

Have a great week.

mdgtjulie said...

Maybe you could count a page as a finish, and rotate one of your WIPs out for a few weeks. Your patchwork square should be a relatively quick finish, right?