Thursday, July 28, 2011

?? A Week of Wentzler Wednesdays ??

It's been more like a Wentzler Week lately. I spent most of my Sunday, Monday and Tuesday stitching time as well as the usual Wednesday on the dragons. Every so often you reach a point in a project where everything seems to come together and, for a while at least, you can't seem to put it down. I think what did it this time was seeing the left curve of the lower circle of tracery begin to enclose the design elements, inspiring me to fill it in completely. Another factor was that I noted on Sunday that though I had been making considerable progress, the piece was more tracery than dragon. The only stitching justifying the word dragons in the title of the piece was a tiny serpentine curve from page three of the chart ... all the work I'd done on page two of the chart to that point had been done on the tracery and the blooms, leaves and branches of the rose bush. I wanted to see those elusive little devils! And a third factor is that I had to do some substantial frogging yet again and was determined to catch up to where I had been before the nasty amphibious visitation. Having devoted this many days to the project, I might as well finish out the week with it. There is the remote possibility that I could finish page 2 by the end of the month. And maybe finish the entire project by the end of August. That would leave me the remainder of the year to tackle my next TW BAP: The Woodland Angel Stocking, which I hope to have finished in time for this Christmas for my grandson Liam.


Parsley said...

Lovely work!

Thank you for the pattern. I got it yesterday.

mdgtjulie said...

It's looking good. Love the shades of green and pink in this.