Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: July 10, 2011

BAP: This is still Tracery Dragons and, no doubt, will continue to be Tracery Dragons throughout the summer ... if not actually throughout the year. But some nice progress was made.I won't be putting up a photo, though, until tomorrow's Wentzler Wednesday's stitching is done.

CJC: In addition to Tracery Dragons, which is one of my Crazy January Challenge pieces, I have finished a smaller challenge piece this week: the Town Square SAL Town Hall [Weeks Dye Works]. This is a fun piece that I will be finishing as another ornament for my Small Town USA themed Christmas tree. The stitching is done. Now all I need to do is to pad some boards and assemble it as an ornament.

Sewing Finishes: None this week.

Surface Embroidery: The Fertile Circle's Needlebook is finally fully stitched and ready for assembly.

UFOs & WIPs for 2010: I have worked on Workbasket's Quaker Sampler a bit this week and I must say it has felt good to pick up this piece again.

And, I couldn't resist a new start ... I found an old scrap of Autumn Sunrise linen that was the perfect size for a bookmark, and then had a hank of DMC 436 left over from some twisted cord making [perfect for tone-on-tone on the Autumn Sunrise] and then stumbled on my own graphs of bookcase finials and bases ... serendipitous, yes? Especially since I needed a bit of simple car stitching ... well, I started work on a little bookcase bookmark. Sometimes, it is fun to just design on the run. I am making the bookcase up to look like it has inlaid marquetry using DMC 434 & 435 as well as the 436 I had left from another project. I'll be using leftover snippets of floss from kits to do the books and knick-knacks on the shelves. And there will still be room at the bottom for an initial. All I need to do is add a Barnes & Noble gift card and I'll have another Christmas gift finished.

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