Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: May 8, 2011

Since this was a very busy week professionally: four First Communion rehearsals, two actual First Communion ceremonies, a May Crowning, prepping the registration 2011-12 mailing, updating and checking the Confirmation paperwork [May 21st is Confirmation] while there is still time to do something about any glitches, in addition to the usual class schedules ... I didn't expect to get as much stitching done as I actually managed.

BAP: TW's Autumn Faerie: Section III is nearly done. See photos on previous post.

HOE: my Prairie Schooler Exchange piece is off to a good start with approximately a third of the stitching done. The piece, which is 82hx52w, was supposed to be stitched on 32 ct but I am stitching it on 40ct Silkweaver Meadow Mist to scale down the size enough to make it suitable for a finish as a long narrow pin pillow. The mailing date is June 1st, with an overseas destination ... so I probably won't be able to share a photo till mid or late June.

Given the limited time available for stitching, I am not surprised that I didn't get to spend any time on the 2010 WIPs and UFOs or Crazy January Challenge pieces currently in my stitching bag. I may be able to get some stitching done on those projects next week, during the lull between the sacraments. May is always a crazy month but things smooth out again in June ... and I do get to take off four weeks over the summer months ... so an end to the stress is in sight.

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mdgtjulie said...

Glad you got some stitching done. After all, you DO need to relax somehow!!