Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And the giveaway winner is ...

The on-line randomizer came up with #3, which turns out to be Frances whom I will be e-mailing shortly.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I had one of those "WOW!" moments in the middle of a busy workday, one that was actually plagued by more than a few senior moments. I was walking from one end of the parish campus to another because I had accidentally locked myself out of my office one hour before classes were due to start and needed duplicate keys kept in the rectory office. I was mutterring to myself about my own idiocy and my impeccable timing. My part-time secretary had just left for the day and my part-time program assistant, who covers the rest of the work day, had taken a personal day and would not be arriving in the usual five minutes. And then a light breeze blew up. I was surrounded by the scent of lilacs. I figure God was exasperated by my lack of perspective and decided to bring me to my senses, literally! There are so many small, sustaining graced moments in our days ... if we just open ourselves to them.

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