Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Progress Report #14

My weekend progress report is a day late because I started a really good book yesterday afternoon and couldn't [wouldn't]put it down long enough to get on the computer. I highly recommend Neil Gaimon's Neverwhere. I am a little more than half way through the book. It is a fascinating satirical commentary on our culture and I almost resent the fact that I shall have to go to work today instead of finishing the novel.
So, I have come to the end of my Easter recess and will have to trek on back to work today ... somedays I feel retirement can't come too soon ... other days I worry that I may not be able to afford to retire. Anyway, it has been a productive week here at home: some sewing, some gardening, some errand-running, some house-keeping, some reading, lots of cooking ... and, of course, some stitching.

Most of my stitching time has been spent on my RR piece and I have made a substantial amount of progress since I posted a picture yesterday morning. I have filled in the dividers with trees similar to the ones in the PS village scene in the top panel but using the same silks as I did for the acorns. I also got quite a bit more done in the village scene. Hence, I do believe another photo is in order. I may actually finish this a day or two before deadline ... wouldn't that be a surprise?

I have completely ignored my usual WIPs, what with the RR deadline looms menacingly. But ... I do need a little variety in my stitching and all that back-stitching on the acorns was getting to me. And, as evidence of my chronic startitis, Monsterbubbles' Jail from the Indy Market 2006 Town Square. I've taken some very slight liberties with the floss colors so that I can stitch from stash. Instead of GAST Aged Pewter for the main stone I am using WDW Dolphin and for the pointing stone I am using GAST Tin Bucket. I did have some Aged Pewter in my stash but not enough, I suspect, to do the whole building since I am stitching this piece over two on 28ct instead of over one as charted. Then I had to change out the color of the pointing stone since it needed to be darker than the main stone. Also, I didn't have any WDW Pistachio [for the lightning] in my stash but after looking it up on the website decided that Schneckley is a very close match. I am going to try and keep this series as economical as possible while remaining true to the general spirit of the project. So I will be using as much fabric and fiber from stash as possible. No doubt, I'll have to make a few purchases here and there but, really, what's the point of having all this stuff if I don't use it?

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