Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stitching Pool Winner

Well, once the dust settled, all the work on the RR was nearly completed on April 14 , a date chosen by Vicky. As of 10am on the 15th, I still had about four hours of stitching left. I am going to do my level best to get it done by late afternoon and mail it before the post office closes ... just making the deadline.
Since Vicky came the closest, the floss will be winging its way to her within a day or so ... that is, if anything sent by the US Postal Service can be said to wing its way anywhere. I chose what I think of as Spring flower colors, the colors of crocuses, hyacinths and snow drops for the cotton overdyes and the color of rich, moist earth for the bamboo floss. The WDW is called Santorini. The Crescent Colors is called Purple Aster. The GAST is called Presidential Blue. And the Mandarin Floss goes by the humble label M819. With everything coming into bud and bloom, these seemed to be very appropriate choices.

Oh, and just so you can see exactly how much I managed to complete, I'll take a photo just before I put the RR piece in the mail. Look for the photo in tomorrow's post.


Nic said...

Well done Vicky - and well done you for getting the RR finished!

Vicky said...

Thanks Nic and I would like to thank Riona for holding this competition.

riona said...

Once I realized that Vicky hailed from Australia, I had some qualms about sending Spring colors to a lady who is experiencing Autumn ... but all my autumnal colors are incomplete skeins ... since Autumn is my favorite colorway of late. I didn't want to put off the mailing till I could buy new stuff ... so, Vicky, forgive this Yank for acting like everyone is on USA time and seasons.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I look forward to seeing this RR!