Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Giveaway Winner/ Stitching Pool Update

It is unusual but I have two giveaways running at the same time, so I shall report on them in the same post.

The monthly giveaway winner is Alex, whom I have e-mailed with a request for a snail mail address. The charts should go out next week.

As for the stitching pool, here it is the 10th of the month and I am still slogging away at my RR piece preparation. This a photo of my progress as of 8:00am today. This eliminates Shari who chose 4/7, Linda who chose 4/8, and Paula C who chose 4/9. I fear Myra who chose 4/10 will soon fall off the board as well since even I, eternal optimist that I am, do not anticipate finishing up work on the piece today. That leaves Nic [4/11], Mary [4/12], Carol [4/13] and Vicky [4/14] and it's not looking good for Nic either even though I intend to spend most of today and tomorrow stitching. I wonder why no one chose the 15th, since I am beginning to wonder if I shall be working on this piece right up to the moment I actually seal the envelope and drop it off in the mail!
At least all the back-stitching and long-stitching is done on those 81 acorns ... what was I thinking !!??!! Today I will be working on my own panel and hope to get a substantial amount done. As you can see, I still have the dividers to fill in and a little over half my own panel to stitch and some charts to create for the other stitchers.

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Myra said...

You have made great progress. I can't even imagine stitching all...those...acorns. :o)