Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Official: the Mad Days are Upon Me

This is the time of year when I go a little bit mad ... and start singing softly just under my breath "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..."
Between now and May 15, I will survive
  • administering and grading 7th grade quarter finals
  • reviewing, evaluating and signing all progress reports for Grades 1-6
  • conducting a review for recalcitrant 7th graders who have to take a comprehensive test before entering Confirmation prep
  • grading said Comprehensive test
  • preparing for and conducting a 2 hour hands-on, five station mini retreat for the First Communion Class
  • Four First Communion rehearsals
  • Two First Communions
  • 3 Confirmation practices [one for the music - have you ever tried to get 8th graders to sing hymns picked by the 68 year old pastor?]
  • 2 Confirmations
  • 1 luncheon with the Bishop, the pastor, the priests and deacons ... only woman at the table, only lay person, as well
  • 1 Volunteer Appreciation Reception
  • getting out a registration mailing ... and then dealing with all the parents who think they deserve special consideration [fee-wise, placement-wise]because their children are the only ones among my 500 students who are of any importance.
  • developing and submitting the 2010-11 calendar
  • beginning the arduous task of recruiting new catechists to replace the four or five who leave every year ... this time with a few new frills, I'll need a teen RCIA team as well and a special ed Confirmation prep catechist ... these last special assignments are always difficult since I must find just the right person for the students involved ... it's not as forgiving as recruiting for a classful of children.
So the primal scream you hear coming from the vicinity of NYC is mine!


Rachel S said...

Just take one day at a time!

Casa Pearl said...

OMGoodness! With a list like that, I'd be screaming too. Hope you get some time to relax somewhere among all that busyness.