Friday, April 30, 2010

Assessing April Goals


Focus Project: Still TW Autumn Faerie. Only a few hours on this piece this month.

Travel Project: Brightneedle's Ghosts and Ghoulies Etui. Nothing done on this again this month.

Bride's Tree SAL February ornament [Heart] Finished 4/21. March Ornament [Flower or Flower Basket] Finished 4/23. April [Rabbit] Ornament. Finished 4/30.

RR piece: Finish border, dividers and top panel of my own piece and mail by the 15th. DONE. While I am very pleased with the border, I probably will not be stitching an acorn again in a very long time ... even though fall motifs are among my favorites and I have loads of acorn charts. Each one of those 81 acorns took 25 minutes to stitch ... that's 37 hours right there ... what was I thinking?

Medium Project: Finish Workbasket's Mermaids Singing. DONE

Christmas piece: Finish Heartstrings Santa Factory February Santa with Heart. DONE.

Thanksgiving Ornament: PS Turkey from Harvest Time leaflet. Started 4/28 but not finished.

UFO Countdown Project: Finally move on the Peacock Biscornu and then, while the weather is still cool, pick up the Jacobean Afghan. Nothing done on the UFOs again this month.

Sewing finishes: complete at least five projects from the finishing basket. DONE: Seven Christmas ornaments, three Thanksgiving ornaments and one fringed pillow pin cushion.


Rachel S said...

3 ornaments in one month! I am impressed!

Nic said...

Great work on your goals, you achieved a lot this month!