Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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Well, I didn't get much stitching done yesterday ... did my first ever stint of babysitting for my grandson who, at just a few days shy of his first birthday, still puts everything in his mouth. I didn't want him to pick up a stray needle or pin or what have you, so I removed all my stitching equipment from the main rooms downstairs after doing way more baby-proofing than I had to. My son, proud Daddy that he is, claimed that Liam had started to crawl and was really zipping about. Well, if snails zip about, then Liam does too. There really wasn't any need for baby gates and safety plugs and the removal of all precious breakables from lower shelves. At least not this time.
Before Liam arrived, I did manage to take pictures and post them on my blog ... of course, the dates are all wrong since the photos were added to posts I had saved as drafts and I forgot to change the dates on them ... but it was a good feeling to finally present evidence of my July progress.
But now for the BIG NEWS
I have an embarrassment of riches, both Eva and Erynne have presented me with the Brilliante Blogger award ... I feel a little inadequate since I have no clue as to how to go about loading the icon I am supposed to post on my own blog though I think I can figure out how to add a list of blogs that I visit frequently [which would definitely include their blogs] to my sidebar ... anyway, how can such a technologically inept blogger be labelled "brilliant" is beyond me ... I write well enough but blogging is more than merely writing ... it's navigating and slide shows and music and fanfare and all the hullabaloo that escapes me ... heck, when I write in my pen and ink journal, I use a fountain pen, for heaven's sake!!! Well, I shall consult with my husband who happens to be the technocrat in this household and see if I can manage to do what I ought. My thanks to both Eva and Erynne for the honor ... I am well and truly thrilled since it wasn't too long ago that I had doubts that anyone read my blog. Maybe I'll even have the icon and list up this afternoon ... one can always hope.
Got a little stitching in this morning on the Prairie Schooler Santa 2004: The Embroiderer but not enough to justify another photo ... just imagine a bit more of his deep red coat filled in and you'll have the proper image. The rest of the day will be spent preparing for the last dinner party before Liam and his parents [much as I love my son and daughter-in-law, they have been demoted to mere adjuncts since Liam's arrival on the scene] return to the West Coast. With luck I'll have all three of my children and their spouses and SOs here tonight. My daughter has been driving cross-country to return to NY and a new job. She should arrive in the area some time this morning and hopes to come to dinner tonight to see her nephew. I just hope she is not too exhausted by the trip she has just made which involved her SO driving a U-Haul with all their worldly goods and towing her car while she drove his truck which contained their six cats and two dogs, all in various states of sedation. My youngest lives nearby and he will have no problem getting here.

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Erynne said...

Riona, I'm going to hit you on the hand if you keep talking such nonsense; you are positively and absolutely adequate!!!
Now don't you argue with me;)
To me, blogging is about conveying a message to those in your circle and beyond; you do that very well!
All the rest, ie adding widgets and whatnots, is learned as you go.
If you really need to know how to add something in, please feel free to tap me on the shoulder and I'll help if I'm able. Music is something I won't be able to help with and if I come across a blog with music, I tend to turn it off anyway.
I had to cut down on some of the widgets because they were a nightmare to load on dial up which is what I have at home.