Sunday, August 3, 2008

August Goals

This being the last month of the summer with its abbreviated work schedule, I figure to get a lot of stitching done for the holidays ... more time off translates to more time stitching.

-- Finish the remaining Prairie Schooler Santas.
--Focus on TW's Autumn Faerie and on the Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway projects.
--Stitch up four tea towels with the herbal designs to set aside as a Christmas gift.
--Stitch Miribilia's Halloween Faerie.
--Start Liam's stocking: T. Wentzler's Woodland Angel.
--Start Liz Turner Diehl German Garden.
--Sean's M-Design Name Tree Ornament
--One more Celtic Tarot Card for Angela's deck.
-- Do at least two sewing finishes.

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Erynne said...

Riona, I have been enjoying my time reading your well-written blog. I have nominated you for the Brilliant Blogger Award! Please stop by my blog for the info and to pick up your award!

Erynne :o)