Sunday, August 17, 2008

Early morning stitching

It's Sunday morning and I put in a couple of early morning stitching hours, between loads of laundry and putterring about the kitchen before Mass. As a result, I am closing in on another finish. All that needs to be done on the Prairie Schooler 2005 Santa are the shears, the quilting hoop, Santa's face and hat ... all of which shouldn't take more than two hours. Since I will be spending two hours as a passenger as my husband and I visit my daughters new home upstate [the trip is approx. 1 hour each way], I expect to take a picture tonight that I can post tomorrow. With any luck, I'll have finished Lizzie Kate's Housework as well and have two pictures to post. Then it will be time to really focus on the 2007 Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway projects: one of which, a scissor fob, would be perfect for this month's finishing challenge. Granted it's the 17th and I don't seem to have made an appreciable dent in the August goals. I have to keep telling myself I am making slow and steady progress ... progress I probably wouldn't make at all without the discipline of a goals list. Without goals, I seem very prone to startitis.
In any case, I treasure my early morning stitching hours ... before Bill gets up, the house is quiet and calm. I can savor my first cup of tea ... today it was a single-estate Darjeeling - and stitch and think and plan the rest of my day. A restful time, before the inevitable hustle bustle of married life ... even the married life of a couple of empty-nesters. I thought it was supposed to get less frantic ...but it is still just as frenetic, only the causes of frenzy have changed.

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Erica said...

The Jolly Roger Cat will just be adorable with the angel! Cat-people have to stick together! I have 6 of them myself (plus one stray who hangs around my door outside)!