Sunday, August 24, 2008

A few more photos: finishes and WIPs

I finally got around to taking photos of my finishes from earlier this week:

Prairie Schooler's 2005 Santa [Quilting]: this is the third in a group of five Prairie Schooler Santas I am stitching this month. I also finished stitching the 2006 Santa [Sewing] but for some reason the picture wouldn't load and I will have to take another tomorrow.

Lizzie Kate's Housework... I couldn't resist this one since it is a sentiment I whole-heartedly endorse ... or at least, I wish I could ... but, until I win a lottery, I'll be doing my own housework.

And now for my current WIPs

The Sweetheart Tree's Pumpkin on Gingham : I am stitching two of these ... one properly "framed by tan gingham stripes [for a Halloween Exchange] and one centered on the remaining gingham which I will have to trim closer as a small pinkeep ornament for myself.
Tomorrow, I shall start the last of my Prairie Schooler Santas: the 2007 Santa [Knitting]. I am going to stitch one of these for my own wall-hanging but I know I will revisit this chart in a little while to stitch gifts for one of my younger sisters and for a friend, both of whom are avid knitters.
Once the Prairie Schooler Santas are all done, I shall pick up my Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway projects again, as per my stated goals for August. I haven't made as much progress on the August goals as I would have liked ... I kept giving in to the temptation to stitch charts that were not on the goal list. About half of the August goals will now become September goals and I will have to stick to the program if I am to get certain Christmas gifts done in time for 2008.

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Erica said...

Wow! You have been busy!
They look wonderful!