Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today is for chores ... I will stitch tomorrow

Today is going to be a day devoted almost wholly to running around. We need to pick out a new dishwasher, to do some banking, to drop off some electronics at the county household hazardous waste site, and sign up for the town pool/recreation site ... we waited so long for the last because Bill turned sixty a few days ago which qualifies him for a free membership. Then there are the usual last minute groceries associated with having one more person in the house ... my daughter will be here for another few weeks ... her vegetarian ways make shopping for her a new experience but happily our local supermarket is up to the challenge. Finally, there is some stash-associated shopping: I need four pillow forms, some green print and solid fabrics, an eyelet punch kit, some stitch witchery and some fusible interfacing for some finishes I need to get to ... And, of course, I need to gas up ... even with a tiny little Hyundai Elantra, I figure that will run me nearly $50.

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