Friday, July 4, 2008

The Blogs Out There

I have been reading a goodly number of new [to me] stitching blogs over the last few days in addition to my usual Stitch Bitch, Glory Bee, Yarn Harlot, Dragon Dreams, and Artistic License ... all prompted by a post on 123stitch asking folks to share their blogs. There are so many gifted people out there, which doesn't surprise me much. But what does have me standing in awe is the large number of people who are so technologically adept that they have slide shows, tutorials, musical accompaniment, quizzes, contests, PIFs and Lord knows what else on their blogs. So many also seem to have hooked into some sort of blog central that poses questions of the day, challenges and all sorts of other communal activities. Where does one find these things? I am a raw novice compared to so many others. Having only recently learned to post photos on my own blog, I feel somewhat inadequate - especially when I consider the quality of those photos. In any case, some of what I have read is brilliant, some cloyingly sweet and some actually annoying but it has all been a learning experience. I'll keep visiting all these new blogs for a little while longer; then, I'll cull the number down to just those I wish to add to my regular line-up of must-reads. It is also my modest hope that someone, anyone, will add my blog to a must-read list. The few times I have had comments attached to a post have made me feel like a conversation has been started. Nice feeling for a lone stitcher 50 miles and a toll bridge away from the nearest LNS.


Nancy*Glory Bee said...

I know what you mean! I think my blog is so bland when I see what is out there. I am not the computer genius of the family so I hope to learn more as I go, too. Nancy

Elaine said...

I know what you mean too I had to get a friend to help me set up mine. Some of those blogs are so professional looking.


Erynne said...

Hello Riona!
I had a few quiet moments yesterday and today to read more of the blogs out there and I agree, some are quite snazzy. It prompted me to clean mine up and reduce how graphic intensive it was (difficult to load on dial up). All those widgets, gadgets and whatnots are neat and the variety of what you can plug into your blog is mind-boggling. I don't know where people find these things but if I see something on someone else's blog that I fancy, I'll click and see how user-friendly it is to install. I'm not the brightest bulb at times,lol.
You have a nice blog here and you write very well...makes for a nice read.

Thank you for sharing your blog Riona!