Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have a tendency to set impossible goals for myself and lately, these goals have involved medium to large projects. Then there has been this year's tendency to do a series of similar charts: all the Sue Hillis Santas and five of the PS Santas. It all has very predictable results: I go a long time between finishes. And I do get bored with the sameness of it all even though I really enjoy the finished pieces.
Well, I guess I just couldn't take it any longer because I find myself starting lots of small projects lately instead of attending to my stated goals. There have been the Love Ewe pinkeep, the Rose Window biscornu, the I Love to Shop at the Silver Needle tote, the Peace floss tag and now I find myself two thirds of the way through Chatelaine Design's Time for Tea. In addition, I have started stitching the LHN Small House Sampler [c2005] on some tan and cream gingham checked linen using Rainbow Gallery Mandarin Floss. I love this fiber made from bamboo - it has the feel of a silk and wool blend - very fine and light in the hand with a beautifully soft sheen on the fabric. I did have to add three stitches to the width of the charted design to make it look right on the gingham but that was a very easy adjustment. I have another slighlty larger piece of the gingham linen and a piece of antique teal linen that I could use with some smalls. I'll have to start paging through my binders to find appropriate charts. I'll probably check out the Gift of Stitching issue devoted to biscornus for those scraps of fabric. Any biscornu worked with a stitch count in multiples of six would work with the gingham and I think the effect would be appealling. The teal could work with anything. So my bout of startitis is still quite virulent and shows no signs of abating.
For the present, I shall enjoy myself, stitching what I please, knowing that sooner or later the BAPS that I loved a few months ago will reclaim my attention. Goals can be reassessed and revised. There is a place for smalls which feed the appetite for variety and offer the gratification of many finishes

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Anna van Schurman said...

Thanks for your nice comments! I have chronic startitis too. I did that Silver Needle pattern but shhh it's a surprise.