Monday, July 7, 2008

In need of a quick stitch

Since I am still waiting for the buttons for the Crabby All Year -- a replacement of the third row button pack is coming from the Silver Needle and I have special ordered some buttons made for the fourth row since I didn't like the designers' choices -- I felt the need for a really quick stitch to fill in the gaps. So last night I started the Love Ewe from the February Gift of Stitching ... I expect to have it all stitched and assembled into a floss tag by the time the eyelets and eyelet setting tools arrive from Joann's. The online magazine Gift of Stitching is a phenomenal magazine and the folks there are just lovely ... more on that in a later post.
Well, my vacation time is at an end and I am heading off to work in a little over half an hour ... most reluctantly, since I am sooo redy for retirement but I'll just have to last another 8 years.

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