Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cafe du Monde

Unlike most of the other pieces in this series, the Cafe du Monde has a great deal of fussy shading.  As a result, it is taking a bit longer to complete than the last few entries that I have stitched. Here is a shot of my progress, such as it is.

And when I got tired of all the meticulously counted shading, I picked up my "new start" chart for this month, Dragon Dreams' Here Be Dragons.  Since I had a small scrap of Golden Promise Silkweaver 28ct linen left over from other projects that was perfect for the smaller piece in this leaflet, I started the Compass Rose Dragon last night and stitched  a bit more this morning.


Maggee said...

Don't ya just want to scream when you have been stitching for hours and cannot see much progress?? I understand about moving to another piece when you get frazzled! Great progress on both despite... Hugs!

Linda said...

Nice progress Regina and I love the colors in your new start.


Kathy Koontz said...

It's always nice to have a "take a break" piece to work on when working with what I call fiddly areas. Your progress on both is great!

Julie said...

Nice new start