Wednesday, June 4, 2014

... And Continues

This may be the longest tea party ever, started 5/12 and still going strong.  It is hardly surprising, after all I consume at least 6-8 mugs of tea a day.  It follows that my dragon would be an equally avid imbiber of fine teas.

Monday was a busy day.  It started with a lot of housework before heading out to work at noon and working non-stop till 9pm when the last catechist meeting of the year ended.  Tuesday morning wasn't any better: putting away two loads of folded laundry, folding another load and putting that one away, washing dishes [my retired husband can't seem to manage this simple task and I was too tired last night to tackle them], watering the flowers I bought from the nursery on Sunday and have yet to transplant in patio containers, making breakfast and cleaning up after it.  So, no stitching time Tuesday morning ... though I did manage 45 minutes during my lunch break.

This morning, in spite of all the housework screaming my name, I took my usual hour of pre-work stitching time.  I know it is hard to see what with all the similar greens and the lack of back stitching as yet, but a small dragon is beginning to form.  He is snuggled up in the curl of his mother's tail, blissfully sleeping.

In spite of the limited stitching time these past few days,  I am flying through this chart which is just as well since I have promised to pay it forward to a cyber friend.


Linda said...

So cute Regina.


Julie said...

It's a shame your little wizard couldn't wave a magic wand and have the chores done for you leaving more stitching time!

Vera said...

Looking good! I (finally) made the cucumber water -- LOVE it! I brought a container to work today...added a sprig of fresh rosemary before leaving the house. Much better than anything store-bought. Thanks!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The design is simply flying! I love all the little details which are appearing.

I've had to change my stitching time to the afternoons because my young son has decided that Mummy has to do the bedtime routine and stay with him. So bye-bye evenings! It was a hard choice between housework or stitching!

Sharon said...

He just gets cuter with every stitch! :). Dang 'ole housework and job time-suckers. Lol