Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gallery Post - Dragons

I have always been fascinated by dragons and they have remained in my top ten stitching themes throughout my 40+ years of stitching.  I regret that I do not have photographs of all my dragon pieces.  I wasn't always diligent about keeping a record.  But here are a few photos.

This Cross Eyed Kat's Red Snow Fight Dragon.  There are several more dragon snow fights in this series: a green a blue, a yellow and, I think, a purple dragon.  I may someday go searching for the others and stitch the series.  This chart was a door prize I was lucky enough to win in the online show.

This Dragon Dream's Storm Bringer: a medium to largish piece that I have yet to frame.  This was another of those pieces that used the dratted DMC rayon floss.  Jennifer Aiken-Smith seems to have a fondness for the stuff.

This Teresa Wentzler's Tracery Dragons: one of the most delightful pieces I have ever stitched.  It used DMC and Kreinik blending filament and very fine braid.  Plenty of intricate detail to keep one on one's toes and enough specialty fiber to add a bit of interesting texture.

This another Dragon Dream's chart: from the complimentary Elemental Dragons series.  This is Earth

And these are Fire and Water.

And these are Air and Spirit.

And here you can see them all on a long narrow bell pull ... admittedly not one of my better photos but it does give you an idea of how I finished the piece.


 This is another Dragon Dreams complimentary chart. This is called Dragon of Hope.  I changed the colorway on this from reds to pinks. I made it up as a tote for my grand-daughter who is into all things pink.  I am told that the first thing she did on receiveing it was to remove the satin rose pin and transfer that to her dress.  In any case, I hope she enjoys carrying her necessities for pre-school in this little tote.

This another Dragon Dreams complimentary chart.  I forget the name of it but as you can see it is a drgon guarding its hoard from all comers.

This Teresa Wentzler's Tempest in a Teacup.  This was another great stitching experience and I tink the frame really sets it off.

This is Teresa Wentzler's "You Were Hatched..." depicting a mama dragon explaining the facts of life to her little one.

This is one of Vickey Mackey's Dragon Bookmarks.  There were three bookmarks in this chart and I stitched them all.  Unfortunately the first one, which I did finish as a bookmark, was lost in a round robin exchange long before I started photographing my finishes.  This Golden Dragon looks particularly fierce.

This the Blue Dragon from the same series as the Golden Dragon pictured above.  He is also a rather fierce looking character.  He looks as if he is considering his viewers as so many menu choices.

And another Teresa Wentzler Dragon, Futurecaster, which I embellished with some hematite beads.   I always think Teresa Wentzler's dragons are so elegant and aristocratic.   I love the complexity of her designs.

Dragon Dreams' Here Be Dragons.  This is one of Jennifer Aiken Smith's more whimsical, as opposed to fantastical dragons.  I also love the old map motif.  This was a great deal of fun to stitch.

Dragon Dreams' Compass Rose Dragon.  This is the second chart in the leaflet Here Be Dragons.  I love the colors of the compass in this piece.

Dragon Dreams' A Dragon's Tea Party.  Another whimsical piece complete with cookie stealing baby dragons and a friendly wizard.

And, just to add a bit more evidence of my love of dragons, here are a few photos of other dragons in my life:

My dragon teapot:  I use him for green tea mostly.

My dragon tea strainer: I founf this while antiquing last summer.  I polished it up as best I could, but there is some corrosion.  To be usable it will have to be professionally cleaned and resilvered.   I am planning on asking my husband to have this done as a birthday gift.

My blown glass dragon salt and pepper shakers.  I can't remember the name of the artsy shop in Saratoga Springs where I found these little darlings.  All I remember is that the same shop carried the same glass mugs from which Capt. Jean-Luc Picard sipped his "Earl Grey, Hot."

My dragon garden ornament: He has been guarding my garden for the past seven years or so.  His name is Herbie, named after a dragon in a continuing bedtime saga my husband made up to settle the children down for the night so many years ago.  Herbie also seems appropriate as the garden guardian of a patio filled with pots of herbs.

I also have a selection of books featuring dragons: every thing from The Hobbit to books of dragon lore.

The only thing I seem to be missing is dragon jewelery.


CalamityJr said...

What a great gallery. The detail and complexity in the designs was no challenge for you - they're all beautifully done. Thank you for sharing!

Blu said...

What a wonderful collection of dragons!

Linda said...

Oh wow Regina. Gorgeous stitching. I love all your dragons. I have a few Dragon Dream charts.


Maggee said...

Yes, you definitely like dragons! What a fabulous collection of stitched pieces you have completed! Plus the garden ornament, salt and pepper, teapot and strainer--really cute! You definitely need a jewelry piece or two... Hugs!

Linda said...

Amazing collection - I too like dragons but haven't actually stitched one yet. I do have a small collection of Enchantica dragons in our display cabinet though and a couple of cross stitch kits ready and waiting.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This post is just for me! I love all your dragon designs but the Teresa Wentzler ones are my absolute total favourites.

I do like your bell pull finish too and might consider that. I feel like having a "Dragon Year" one year!

pandy said...

Yay dragons! I tend to stitch a lot of them as well. I wish I had pictures of all of them but I wasn't much of a picture taker back in the day. :) Thank you for showing them!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What an awesome collection of dragons. Wow Tracery Dragons looks impressive!!!