Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter stitching

Normally, I spend January extending the Christmas season by stitching something with a Yuletide theme.  But since I never did enter into the Christmas state of mind this year at all, there hardly seems any point in sticking with that concept.  I plan to spend this coming week continuing work with Midnight Moogies.  I foresee Midnight Moogies also becoming the waiting room project, at least so far as the checkerboard border and outer grey border is concerned.  With few color changes and large expanses of fabric to stitch, the borders are perfect for doctor's waiting rooms, always provided I can find a seat by a sunny window.  Objectively speaking, there is still quite a bit to do on Midnight Moogies ... probably 40% left to stitch ... but I feel as though I have reached the point where the end is in sight.  I am actually thinking about which project to pick up once I am done with these colorful cats.  I expect a finish sometime in February.  And I think next up will be The Jacobean Elegance Afghan.  It's a project that will be perfect for cool weather, as well, what with all that afghan fabric cozily covering my knees and lap.  And if I manage to get it done in time for my mother's April birthday or, failing that, in time for Mother's Day: well, that would be just grand.

But for now, I will stick to my January goals and work one more week on the cats and then rotate to another piece in the Mystic Smalls Class Packet and The Frame Shop in the Town Square SAL.  I am trying to keep all my monthly goals well within achievable limits and am perhaps asking less of myself than I ought.  That could also be a lingering effect of being sick.  I have so little energy and even less motivation.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am still earning stitching time using bright colors by first stitching one or two needle lengths of boring grey or black or white border.  As a result, I haven't made enough interesting progress to warrant a photograph: just a long row of the grey border at the top of the design and a few more rows of the bright teal in the third cat.  Perhaps, by tomorrow, once I have finished the teal cat.


Vickie said...

I too, just like you, would love to see you finish your lovely afghan.

Rachel S-H said...

I admire how dedicated you are to your rotation.