Thursday, January 17, 2013

Some Anniversary Gifts for my Stash

My husband, after we agreed we were not going to buy Christmas and anniversary gifts for one another this year, decided to check out the wish list on my blog and ordered these little lovelies from 1-2-3 stitch.  They arrived yesterday, a few days late for the anniversary [the 42nd, if anyone is curious] but welcome nonetheless.  I first saw these lovely Pineberry Lane designs on a blog from my reading list sidebar - I can't remember which one at the moment - but I knew at once that I wanted to stitch them.  The pieces are from top left, clockwise, Tansy-Yarrow-Rue, Autumn on Marigold Lane, and Mehitabel's Redwork.  I do believe I will bump at least one of them up to the head of the line for new starts once I feel I've earned one by finishing a UFO or class project or two or three.  But since I find each and every one of the three absolutely fabulous, I have no idea which I should choose.  Any opinions?  [Sorry about the spot of glare on the Redwork piece: what it conceals is a mirror image of the peacock.]

And then there is my TUSAL.  Now, I don't follow any of the usual rules for photographing ort jars.  I run my ort jar from April to March because I set the orts out for the birds to use as nesting materials in early Spring.  And, instead of posting a photo every full moon, I post one whenever I happen to remember to do so.  So here is the latest photo, with lots and lots of orts from the colorful Midnight Moogies.  There's a lot of grey on top but just below you can just make out all the reds, oranges and teals from the last two cats.


Kay said...

I think you should work on the Redwork project first. It looks kind of "valentine-y".

Linda said...

Great new stash Regina. I like the second one.


Linda said...

They are all pretty but I like the Autumn one best.

Deborah said...

Lovely new stash.